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    Qingdao Huachun Woodwork Machinery co.,ltd
    Add:Wangtai town,Jiaonan,Qingdao.
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    Qingdao Huachun is one of largest professional supplier in machinery of plywood splice composer、MY series pneuatic(liquid)composer,"A"types double sides liquid composer,also special in gathering machines of wood doors、cabinets,joining inoculation machines,cold and press machines,single blade and multi-blade machines,four side planer,fretsaw,joining machines.Meanwhile the factory has its own experiment lab;one is special for solid wood furniture(assorted and joining materials)and also others for all kind of woodworking machine.
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    Tel:0086-532-83131007/83133909     Fax:0086-532-83133909    E-mail:[email protected]
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